2015 schedule shown below for reference. The 2016 schedule will be published on June 30.

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Wednesday, September 9

7PM Improv & Musical Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Full Leather Jacket, Foiled: The 2 Man Improvised Musical & Two Gentlemen
Eventbrite - BCAF WED 7PM Studio Theater

7:30PM ImprovBoston Resident Cast Showcase | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Family Show, ImprovBoston's National Touring Company and Face Off
Eventbrite - BCAF WED 730PM Main Theater

9PM: College Night Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Boston University's Liquid Fun, Emerson College's Swollen Monkey Showcase and Boston College's CCE
Eventbrite - BCAF WED 9PM Studio Theater

9:30PM: Longform Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Cape Ann Improv, Maxitor and a Longform Improv Jam
Eventbrite - BCAF WED 930PM Main Theater

10:30PM: Comedy Lottery | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
ImprovBoston's Weekly Open Mic
Free! More info Here

Thursday, September 10

7:30PM Northeast Improv Comedy Hour | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Summer Boyfriend, ImprovBoston Mainstage and Comedy Sportz Boston
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 7PM Main Theater

8PM Boston Sketch Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Terrence & the Ghost, Wild Memory Nation and Terrible People
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 830PM Studio Theater

9:30PM Musical Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Matt Geiler, Hidden Falls and Happy Karaoke Fun Time
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 9PM Main Theater

10PM StandUp Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Kathe Farris hosts Will Martin, Christopher Post, Conor Allen, Jesse Miles, Stephen Spinola, Darin Patterson, Robin Maxfield, Joe Medoff and Sean Clarke
Eventbrite - BCAF THURS 10PM Studio Theater

Friday, September 11

6:30PM Solo/Duo Musical Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Nancy: Home is Where the Songs Is, Kennedy O'Reily and Matt Geiler
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 630PM Studio Theater

7PM Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
The Fourth Wall, Austen Family Improv Players, Gypsy Danger and Parallelogramophonograph
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 7PM Main Theater

8PM Greg Proops | Cambridge Public Library Auditorium
LIVE Podcast recording of The Proopcast with Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It Anyway)
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 8PM Brattle Theater

8:30PM Sketch Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
High Dramma, Kibbles and Bits and Brick Penguin
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 830PM Studio Theater

9PM: Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
After School Grandma, Gilda and Wussy Riot
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 9PM Main Theater

10PM: StandUp & Improv Comedy | Cambridge Public Library Auditorium
Featuring standup comedy from Saturday Night Live's Tim Meadows, Nichole Conlon, Andrew Tavin and Dan Crohn with The Ladies of the PIT and Big Bang
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 10PM Brattle Theater

10:30PM StandUp, Improv & Musical Comedy| ImprovBoston Studio Theater
featuring standups Stephen Spinola, William Neville and Kwasi Mensah with The Andrews Sisters, and Dirty Disney
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 1030PM Studio Theater

11PM Improv/Sketch Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Casual Sex Offenders, Too Late With Alice & Janney: The First Female in Late Night and Ya Donkeys
Eventbrite - BCAF FRI 11PM Main Theater

Saturday, September 12

5PM Duo Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Two Gentlemen, Stevedore and Coko & Daphney
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 5PM Studio Theater

6PM Family Improv Comedy & Mind Reading FREE SHOW (registration required)| Cambridge Public Library Auditorium
Family Show, All Access Improv and Eric Dittleman: Mind Reader
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 6PM Brattle Theater

6PM Sketch & Musical Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
The Uncanny Valley, Police Geese and Autumn & Summar Spring into Winter
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 6PM Main Theater

7PM (Improv) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
The Lunchmen, Sneak Attack and Sea Tea Improv
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 630PM Studio Theater

8PM Tim Meadows | Cambridge Public Library Auditorium
StandUp Comedy from Tim Meadows & Kelly MacFarland with improvised hip-hop from North Coast
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 8PM Brattle Theater

8PM: Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Mainstage Theater
Gentleman's Falcon, Golden: Silent Improvised Stories and Team Lopez: Puppet Improv
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 8PM Main Theater

9PM Musical Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Carpathian Brothers, Goats and When X Meets Y
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 830PM Studio Theater

10PM Festival DreamTeam MegaShow with Greg Proops & Friends | Cambridge Public Library Auditorium
featuring standup comics Boris Khaykin, Martha Cipola and Suni Reyes with Boston's Unscripted Musical Project and the DreamTeam festival mixer featuring Greg Proops
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 10PM Brattle Theater

10PM Sketch Comedy | ImprovBoston Mainstage Theater
Girlie Project, OSFUG: A Fast F****N sketch show and Wendigo
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 10PM Main Theater

10:30PM Sketch & Improv Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
Eggs for Sale, 2 Humans and Paralellogramophonograph
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 1030PM Studio Theater

11:30PM (StandUp) | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Jordan Handren-Seavy hosts Andrew Tavin, Suni Reyes, Martha Cipolla, YouJean Chang, David Thomas, Bryce Hanson, Nicole Conlan and Kwasi Mensah
Eventbrite - BCAF SAT 1130PM Main Theater

Sunday, September 13

6:30PM StandUp Comedy | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
StandUp comedy competition. Hosted by Will Neville & Jenn Welch. Competitors: Will Martin, Joe Medoff, David Thomas, Darin Patterson, Stephen Spinola, Suni Reyes, Boris Khaykin and Martha Cipolla
Eventbrite - The People's Show

8:30PM Sketch Comedy | ImprovBoston Main Theater
Improv Asylum
Eventbrite - BCAF SUN 830 Main Theater

9PM (StandUp) | ImprovBoston Studio Theater
People's Show featuring NYC comics William Neville and Stephen Spinola with Sam Ike, Nicole Conlan, Stephen Spinola, Sean Clarke and Jenn Welch. Hosted by David Thomas
Eventbrite - The People's Show